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Unseen of Mandos

This is a falling-to-sleep CD. Of course, "Mandos" comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Besides being just mellow soundscapes, there is an implied journey through the worlds of dream. Starting from "A Time for Reckoning," the brain function that terminates consciousness, the journey continues into "Unseen of Mandos," which is the deepest sleep. My electronics has advanced to the state such that this album was essentially a live performance. There are a few overlays, but not to the extent of my previous work.

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Lake of Thoughts

Deep space music. Dark, as in absence of light. The emphasis is on drifting soundscape and less on rythmic sequences.

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The Seven Hundred Steps

My first album is a collection of tracks created over the period from 2005 to 2007. They belong to the "Tales of Sarnoth" subgenre of my style. This is what I call the science fiction ambient style because it's space ambient with a mixture of symphonic elements. It has been described to me as "like movie soundtracks," but I think the pieces have more structure than that. Here and there you might here traces of influence from Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, such as Sagittarius Rex, or Book of Luminance or Night Gaunt. On the whole, I think these tracks sound more original than influenced, but this is never an easy judgement.

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Listen to Sound Tracks

Twilight Footsteps

download Twilight Footsteps
Between Spaces

download Between Spaces
Ice World

download Ice World
Moon Lake

download Moon Lake
Far Centaurus

download Far Centaurus
A Sequence of Moments

download A Sequence of Moments
Frodo's Legacy

download Frodo's Legacy
Orange Land

download Orange Land

A Time For Reckoning

download A Time For Reckoning
Little Star

download Little Star
Azure Circle

download Azure Circle
Unseen of Mandos

download Unseen of Mandos
Distant City

download Distant City


download Bathysphere
Self Realization

download Self Realization

download Parallax

download Ideas
Crystal Sea

download Crystal Sea
Deep Thought

download Deep Thought
The Creature in the Lake

download The Creature in the Lake
The Life of a Shadow

download The Life of a Shadow


download Doorways

download Osgiliath
Sagittarius Rex

download Sagittarius Rex

download Questor
Book of Luminance

download Book of Luminance
The Seven Hundred Steps

download The Seven Hundred Steps
Beyond the Southern Sea

download Beyond the Southern Sea

download Atlantis
Night Gaunt

download Night Gaunt
Realm of the Ice Goddess

download Realm of the Ice Goddess